Carrot Cake

This is healthful blend of organic rooibos, real carrot bits, cinnamon, and walnuts. This herbal blend is high in beneficial antioxidants and naturally caffeine free. 

Pumpkin Spice

A slice of pumpkin pie! An authentic autumnal blend of real pumpkin pieces with freshly milled fall spices and a hint of vanilla for a creamy liquid treat that tastes just like the real thing, your mom's pumpkin pie.


Our take on eggnog. Indulge yourself with this rich blend combining organic rooibos with freshly-grated nutmeg, vanilla bean, almonds and bourbon flavor to create a wonderful creamy, rich tea sweetened with maple and marshmallow for added creaminess.

hand mixed artisan tea

Small Batch Gourmet Blends

Small batch artisan teas hand mixed to create
new and delicious tea blends. We incorporate our favorite
flavors into organic black, green, & rooibos to make exciting
flavors to add to your me time. 
Each box comes with two bags to enjoy. 

So you can be generous and share... or enjoy twice!

Chocolate Hazelnut Praline

A mix of buttery toffee pieces with roasted hand-milled hazelnuts and flakes of dark chocolate into a smoky and full-bodied Yunnan black tea to create a thick and satisfying beverage.

Hibiscus Sangria

This fruit-filled tea blend takes its inspiration from the traditional red-wine Spanish Sangria - a delicious, fruit-based wine "punch".  Tart hibiscus is paired with elderberries, citrus, and lemongrass to recreate a fruity treat

Pineapple, Papaya & Honey

Lush and fresh green tea is combined with pineapple, papaya and cornflowers to create a transcendent experience, one that evokes images of tropical landscapes and warm temperatures.